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As I mentioned before Thailand always been for me as something exotic place to visit and actually it really is.

thailand is one of the most popular places for russian tourists so if you want to avoid them you should search and take the most luxury hotels for stay and actually its tbe best way to relax and to enjoy the best beaches and views.

I arrived to Bangkok airport from Hong Kong and I didnt have visa *I actually could do it before if I knew Im going to visit Thailand) but the good thing that I can do it upon arrival but the minus is it takes lots of time because of many tourists. It took me around 2 hours just to wait in the line. I took photo for 2 minutes and filled an application while I was waiting.

As I was waiting so long I didn’t think Im not gonna visit the city so after that I had to search the hotel near airport not to lose also much time in the car.

After I got my luggage Ive bought a local sim card that is valid up to 7 days of your stay and you can choose a good tarif internet plan for you whats really important just in case.

It costs around 7-10 dollars for 1/5 GB 3G plan.

then I tried to get in the taxi. The airport has waiting system. You get you number and on this card you see the number of the taxi. First taxi driver or didn’t know where exactly hotel is or just didn’t want to go there but it took me 20 minutes more to get an other car so it was first and not good impression about local people that generally don’t speak english good.

Then I finally arrived to the hotel — the review is here.

My next stop and final destination in Thailand  was Pattaya.


I stayed in Pattaya in Royal Cliff hotels resort which consists of 3 hotels on the same terrirory but each hotel has own unique swimming pools with amazing sea view and private beaches. This resort is located not near center of Pattaya and central city long beach but its just 10-15 minutes by taxi but my idea is that if your’e staying in Pattaya you should choose this or other resort like this because choosing a hotel near city beach is not wort any penny. the view is not nice even if your’e staying in Hiltons swimming pool.

Ive visited city and center only once and just for the shopping in the biggest shopping mall in Pattaya — Central Festival — its a great shopping mall and you can spend there couple of hours. It has many swell-known shops and butiques and of course local brands with good quality so you can buy amazing clothes and souvenirs.

The souvenirs shop are is located just behind the Hilton hotel. Don’t forget to negotiate so you can buy souvenirs double cheaper price.

Other negative experience was with buying coconut milk. It was so hot and I wanted something cold and tasty. Ive asked one street seller is his coconut milk is cold he made me sure it really is ad when i tried it it was so warm and disgusting drink.

I told this to a seller and he like didn’t hear me. I said again and he continued to ignore me . I shocked. He was so unpolite.

The coconut costs just 1/5 dollar but the point not in this and the point he sold bad product what supposed to be cold. He didn’t want to listen anything , other give money back  or give other coconut.

So people in Thailand are rude on the streets and not polite (expt hotels where they ca please you with any your strange wishes cause you pay them more)

Generally the city of Pattaya i so bad with destroyed bad looking buildings.

It is very poor country and nobody cares people there. The only thing why Thailand is so popular its because of sun 365 days per year and amazing hotels and resort that are actually fake and created by humans but it os attractive no doubts and everyone whats to visit those beautiful island and places and just stay in resort and do nothing.

Actually I liked that too but after 2 days for me its becoming boring. Same beaches, same swimming pools…I am a person who likes to enjoy also active actions and enjoy the city as well and well Thailand is not that place where you can do it,

But the review about hotel Ive stayed is up-coming soon.