Hello! You know I created the blog few month ago in summer but I gave up on writing again for some reasons but I am starting again right now and I hope and Im sure I will continue.

Since my last posts I traveled to some places again and recently returned from Asia (Hong-Kong, Bangkok and Pattaya) and I cant wait to share with you my stories and also photos Ive made

Ive bought for myself a new professional camera and I am so proud I can make the best photos now for my blog so I hope you will enjoy.

Also I don’t want my blog to be just an other travel-guide blog. It is to simple and primitive.

I don’t want to tell you where to stay, to eat and which prices are and only this.

It is boring and not so much interesting, because you can find it anywhere in internet.

For sure I will give you some tips but in general I just want to share my general experience, emotions and my photos.

so just follow my updates. The post about Thailand is coming soon. and it wont be just one post, so hope you will stay with me and follow me more



and one more thing: thank you all for the support of my instagram. It really means a lot to me. Photography is really the thing that makes me so happy and I feel alive.

Thank you for all 103K!!!!


photo of the post: Localization: Pattaya, Thailand ( Royal Cliffs resort private beach)

outfit: womans secret