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Thailand always was to me as something mysterious and unique place to visit. I always wanted to go there some day and actually this visit was not planned at all. I went to Thailand from Honk Kong which actually was my primary stop.


The flights and tours from Hong Kong to Thailand don’t cost much so it was a great opportunity not to pay double and check all in 10 days visit, especially when you’ve seen all Honk Kong ( post about Hong Kong of course is coming soon as well).

My way was Honk-Kong-Bangkok-Pattaya, because to visit Phuket I had to take one more flight at I was actually fed up with to much flights already to reach Hong Kong so Pattaya was the closest destination to catch some sun and good waves.

I didn’t need visa to Thailand but to get it upon arrival is a must. I didn’t expect so many people at the airport. It took me more then 2 hours just to get visa and I arrived to Bangkok at 15 pm and was actually hoping to see the evening city but unfortunately I got my luggage only at around 20 pm so I had no choice and the city was a bit far and thanks to help of internet and Ive found actually a very nice hotel just in 15 min away from the airport. — Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa.

My bus to Pattaya was the next day so in any case I had to stay somewhere in Bangkok for a night.

I had not much time to be very picky with choosing a hotel, so the location and a good price and at least breakfast was a must have for me.

Photos seemed to be actually very nice so Iv chosen it and arrived to a hotel already in 20 minutes.

When a taxi-car was already around hotel I surprised and saw golf-fields and players that actually were still enjoying their exited game.

The view and fields were brighten by the lights and I was impressed a lot and I thought I wish it were near my hotel ( as I told you I didn’ pay much attention also on the name of the hotel where actually is written that it is a golf resort and spa)

The taxi arrived in front of a very beautiful building like a castle.  Nice girl on the reception took me to the room and all the stuff was very nice and smiling.

This hotel is quite new, am not sure how old exactly but around 1 year or so. The room was big and the single bed was comfortable and not that small and pillows were so soft not as sometimes in the hotel so I slept like a baby.

The room has shower and a bath as well. Everything looks so new, clean and perfect. The view from the room was on the gold fields what was amazing for a sunrise moments, so i didn’t hesitate and set up my alarm on a sunrise time to wake and to catch my  first lights of sun in Thailand.

I woke up at a time because I slept in a very comfortable bed and took my camera and went out. The warm feeling of air touched my skin and I felt its summer.

The territory of the hotel is really huge. Everything is made with love and passion.

The fields of golf are also very clean. I never played golf in my life but I believe if I stayed in this hotel one more day I would definitely tried it.

With the first sun light woke up also lovers of the Golf Game so I had a chance to see how its happens in a real. It was so nice to follow the players and their small Gold cars.

near the hotel there is small lake with fishes and very beautiful trees which out their leaves down to the water.

The sun goes up and shines all the Golf green gras make it so colorful and bright.

It is so nice to walk and explore hotels territory because its really amazing like a big garden but looks more like an open space wood but well organized.

The hotel has bikes that you can take to ride over the territory because it is really huge but I decided to walk. Also you can use small golf cars for transportation within the territory.

Generally this hotel has everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant stay: fitness hall. gym, spa, opened swimming pool, restaurants, 24 hrs bar ( where you can get your complimentary cup of coffee);

After my photo walk I got hungry and went back to the hotel.

The breakfast was included and its traditional buffet breakfast with a view on amazing opened swimming pool with a small waterfall.

Variations of dishes will make you happy. You can taste traditional Thai food, also chinese, several kinds of soups, traditional european snacks, cheese, sushi, croissants, salads and more.

After breakfast I still had some time to swim in the pool and only after that I had to say bye to this amazing hotel and take my way to Pattaya.  ( post is coming soon)


I definitely recommend this hotel as a stay not only for 1 night during your transit. It takes just 30 min by taxi to a city center but staying in this hotel you can be relaxed more then ever and breath fresh air and wake up with the first lights and birds.

Its absolutely 5 starts as it says.


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