I can’t speak for everybody but actually blogging and having a blog in general is a really hard work.

You always have to be inspired with new things, search for something interesting for your readers and followers.

to keep your blog updated. It is always hard to start all over again but if only you know what you want to achieve then it is worth it.

Inspiration starts even from where you do your posts, in which surroundings, if you work your favorite laptop in your own room or somewhere in a cute coffee shop.

I am a creative person so each detail means a lot and I always try to start a  new post  with a good coffee in my favorite big Starbucks cup.

turn on my favorite house music and the process starts…

I know how it is… I been blogging many years before but it were just games to compare from what I want to do now.

I know a lot of people who envy me. Due to many reasons. And you just can’t forbid this to them. I just can wish for them start and leave their own life or try to the best to get what they want to do, because without actions you can’t.

Only actions, small steps will bring you to the success.

Success is a different thing to everybody. So you make the plank of your success and just go for it.

The post about Paris is coming 😉


always your, Moiselle