My new year started with a  trip to Chicago, USA

It was a long way but Im sure its worth it.

I have manu stories and photos to post yet about my other trips but now Im gonna stay 1 month in the United States so for now you will have to read post about it haha :p

Chicago met me with a very cold weather and -16 C. I didnt think its like that here.

snow is everywhere and the city is so beautiful especially in the night lights.

Its definetly there is a magic here so you feel yourself home. Its my first time to USA but dont know why I felt I already been here before. I dont think its because all movies are about USA cities. Its something different. I was exited about USA for a very long time and I got my visa 1 year ago but the coming should have been special, planned and reasonable and so I have all this and can enjoy the USA life for 1 month.

Its funny cause I already could make my thoughts about people here

All the TV adds are about losing weight, how to start new fitness program with the best results, how to save money for the retirement and about future elections and how Russia is bad.

Fast food is everywhere on each corner you see Burgers, hamburgers and fries but you have options not to eat this shit and stay healthy.

So many fat people are there on the streets. But I believe if you’re not weak you can handle the FAT food life style and be beautiful and healthy

Also is a bit unusual to stay again that far over atlantic ocean ( I was in Brazil in 2014 ) but this time is more difference in time and youre like missing smth because the whole world is ahead of you in the future  haha

Anyway I hope with this Ill gain more experience and my life views will change for the best.

Hope youre having a good day and keep following the updates about USA on my blog 🙂