They say Paris — is the city of love, lovers and romance. They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

Well, actually at some point it makes sense but if only you come here on a romantic week-end or few more days with a person you love, with your second half. It happened that Ive visited Paris 2 times and each time I was there with my friends BUT it was AWESOME 🙂 I met new people and I enjoyed my stay there as a real Parisian girl —  this is how they made me feel.  And I am already planning to visit them soon again 🙂


Defintly, Paris is an  incredible city where you want to stay more and more and it  always wont be enough.

Paris is like a magnet that draws you to itself without any chance to stay indifferent. So its impossible to resist its charming spirit.


The best time for visiting Paris I think it is summer and early  Autumn or Christmas if it is not too cold because you  have no rights to stay all the time in the hotel, right?

Paris is not the city that will forgive you this terrible disrespect so you have to take your camera and go out for an early french breakfast with warm crispy croissants and fresh juices  to one of small bakeries for example in Montmarte or somewhere around Eiffel tower and then just explore the city and just enjoy this feeling that you’re just in Paris, just right now.


there is no any best district to stay in Paris because Paris is the whole museum where everywhere you can find something interesting and completely different and Eiffel Tower is nit the only one thing you came for.

Passy, Notre Dame de Paris, Montmarte, Bastille — everywhere you gonna have metro station and in Paris its very huge.


First time we stayed in Paris not in a hotel. we had chosen the flat on airbnb.  You can choose the best prices and flats for your needs.




ATTENTION: All Paris airports are located OUTSIDE of the city.

arriving to Charles de Goulle airport you have 3 options: 1/ metro 2/bus 3/taxi

I advise you to take the metro. It will be even faster then taxi unless you dont have a HUGE luggage with you.

because Paris metro has a lot of changes to get to your locations and have a lot of steps up and down so you will get tired to handle the big bag all the time

To get to  the city you have to buy the ticket to PARIS. costs 10 euros and it takes approx 1 hr to reach the city.

Bus costs 10 euros as well

Taxi costs around 70 euros. so If you travel alone is not the best option.



The best landmark for you of course will be the Eiffel tower hahaha BUT its a a big lie you can see it in Paris everywhere. sure not. so the best option is to take a free MAP in metro.

They say Paris metro is the worse ever for tourists. Believe me it is not. For the first time Ive got there sure I got crazy hahah 🙂  BUT after first trip by metro I learned how to use it with map.There is nothing hard with it. Just you have to learn that almost on each metro station you can change the lines and get everywhere in the city with metro.

Just make sure you had chosen the right way how to get to where you want and just follow the lines and changes. each line has different color so its so easy.

Metro costs 1.80 euros per 1 hr use.

the day pass will be around 11-14 euros.

Where to eat:

restaurants and small bakeries are everywhere in the city.

The bill for a lunch will be around 13-15 euros. Dinner will cost you 20-25 euros.

Coffee costs around 3-5 euros.

In supermarkets you can take something for catching and eating on the go and it will cost around 4-6 euros (yougurt, salad,croissants)

ATTENTION: almost all supermarkets close at 20 pm every day. Some of them work till 23 pm but you need to know where they are located.







actually its a bit classy BUT:

1/ Eiffel tower.

I ADVICE you to book the ticket online to eiffel tower if you want to go up and to see Paris without it 🙂  Because it is always full of people unless you dont want to wait a big cure


prices are: ADULT 15 euros

youth 15-24 years old — 13.5 euros

Child 4-11 years — 11 euros

children — 0 euros and disabled people

closest metro to Eiffel tower is: Bir-Hakeim (line 6)


for sure you came here if not for Monet artworks or for famous Mona Lisa, but to enjoy the spirit of this great museum, to feel the history and learn smth new.

closest metro to Louvre is:Louvre Rivoli (line 7)




YOU CAN buy PARIS MUSEUM PASS to visit all museums you can for 1 day or 2 days

Paris Museum Pass

2-day pass: €42
4-day pass: €56
6-day pass: €69


The Louvre is open every day (except Tuesday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Night opening until 9:45 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays
Closed on the following holidays: January 1, May 1, December 25




the first Sunday of the month is FREE TO VISIT

if youre under 24 or youre 24 years old EACH FRIDAY after 18 PM you can visit the Louvre FOR FREE just by showing your passport


3/ Disney land

ATTENTION: to get there you have to buy a special  metro tickets. Costs 10 euros one way.

The ticket to Disneyland costs 100 euros SO you have to spend there all the day :)))))))

I didnt go it depends on the taste and with whom to go. I will visit it one day when Ill have a special person. or with my family.





€25 with 1 or 2 days of Musical Fountain Shows or Musical Gardens

NB: For the tour of the Palace, an audio-guide in 11 languages is included in the price of the ticket. The audio-guide is available for children from 8 years old only.BUY TICKETS ONLINE TO VERSAILLES HERE


5/ Notre Dame de Paris

I always wanted to visit it since early childhood after I read the book Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo.

you must visit it. it is free entrance and you have a chance to go up on the top of the cathedrale  BUT its open till 16/30. GO UP and ENJOY and amazing view on the river and Eiffel Tower.




talked about by Parisians the way New Yorkers talk about the Village: It’s not what it used to be, It’s like Disneyland, the artists can’t afford to live here anymore,too many tourists etc. There is some truth these opinions, but there are two ways of approaching this incredibly unique village within the metropolis. The first is to follow the herd instinct and stampede your way up the famous hill, take a picture of yourself on the steps of the basilica, buy an overpriced crepe at the Place du Tertre, get conned into having your portrait sketched, and walk back down clutching newly bought key-rings, postcards, gaudy T-shirts feeling a little mystified about what all the fuss is about.

the closest metro station to Montmarte is: Abbesses or Anvers


7/The Tuileries Gardens

get their name from the tile factories which previously stood on the site where Queen Catherine de Medici built the Palais des Tuileries in 1564. The famous gardener of King Louis XIV, André Le Nôtre, re-landscaped the gardens in 1664 to give them their current French formal garden style.

IT is an amazing place for taking photos, taking a picnic and get relaxed  after hard working day.

It is located near Louvre to the Eiffel Tower Direction.

in this Park there are a lot of sits to sit anywhere you want. You can take your sit and hide yourself enjoying reeding your favorite book and listening the music.

Especially this place is charming after 19 pm when the day is coming to an end and the Sun is not hot anymore so it is the best to enjoy warm summer weather with your friends.


I can admit that the whole Paris is best seeing in evening when the sun is still up but the city is covered by lazy, colorful rays and having an ice cream is the best idea ever.


When the son goes down you can enjoy the bet view on Eiffel Tower on TROCADERO garden steps which face the eiffel tower.

usually its a typical  touristic place BUT it is worth to visit and to listen musicians and to watch SPARKLING eiffel tower. issn’t it ?:)



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