About me shortly

My name is Marina and I’m 24 years old. I graduated from medical university in 2013 and this summer Ive finished my 2’years intership as a dentist.  My 7 years in medical university were hard but I didnt give up.

Before entering the medical university I was thinking that my calling is journalism or design.  My soul leads to something creative, extraordinary and bright.

The idea about medical uni belongs to my mama and I dont regret about this at all.

I hope I will be able to be successful in this sphere as well. but also I don’t want to forget about my passion hobbies, such as traveling, photography and writing.





 Long time ago, 10 years ago if to be clear, when I was 14 years old, I created  my first blog in internet. I was small girl but even at that times  my blog was quite popular.

It was based not as a stand-alone blog, but as a blog on blogs-platform. It was just the beginning of the development of blogospehere but I had more then 5.000 followers and it was a very huge amount for a 10 years ago period.

I was in the top of russian  bloggers. Later on with my entering to university I had a lack of time for internet and blogging so I just gave up on writing.

in 2011 I discovered for myself a new brand social network for photos called Instagram  . that days I didnt pay attention on it much and just since 1 year after I started to be interested with it a bit more

in 2012 my followers list grew up till 10.000 followers  but I also had not enough time and instagram was still developing and didnt have much functions for good photo addition.

so my photos were not so perfect and 2 years I was posting just time to time

and in 2014 I again back to my Instagram  account and my followers list grew up till 35.000 followers

I started to post photos about my travels so traveling became as the main idea of my  Instagram  .

For now I have more then 50.000 followers and I dont think it is the limit for me.

I decided to create a stand-alone blog because I missed writings and behind my photos I have a lot of stories to tell.

I want to share the ideas of traveling, how to meet nice friendly people, how to catch good moments , the funny stories that happened during my trips and much much more.


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